Progressive Christians Oppose Adani Mine

“The Adani mine cannot be allowed to go ahead. This is simply a matter of being responsible and knowing what the planet can bear,” according to Rev Peter Catt, President of A Progressive Christian Voice Australia.

“Simplistic arguments that pit jobs against the environment are not only shallow but also patently misleading and cynical. History tells us that environmental degradation destroys jobs.

The Christian faith calls on us to love our neighbour. Our neighbours are:

The people in the regions who need jobs, so a compassionate government will actively promote the development of industries that will provide meaningful jobs in a just transition away from fossil fuels.

People in the poorer nations of the world who need access to clean sustainable power, so a compassionate government would actively work with such nations to develop renewables at affordable prices.

People living in the Torres Strait and on the islands of the Pacific who are already at risk of being dislocated from their land.

The Great Barrier Reef and its creatures.  

It is regrettable that dealing with Climate Change has become a politically divisive issue. After all, we all live here and having a functioning, stable ecosystem is vital to us all.

We are looking for leadership on this issue that will honestly engage with the complexities.”

A full copy of the APCVA Agenda for the 2019 Federal Election can be found here.

The Rev Peter Catt can be contacted for a media interview by emailing



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