APCVA 2019 Federal Election Agenda

A Progressive Christian Voice Australia (APCVA) challenges the political parties to commit to a fairer, more inclusive and more peaceful future during the Federal election campaign.

In an election agenda document released today, APCVA has called for

The ending of gender inequality with regard to salary for equal work, positions on boards and as elected representatives

An increase in the Newstart Allowance, Austudy, Youth Allowance for students and Abstudy to 100% of the Aged Pension

Reforming the tax system so as to be fairer and simpler

The halting of the Adani coal mine

An increase in the intake of refugees under the humanitarian criteria

Granting asylum seekers the same opportunities as refugees while they are awaiting their refugee status to be determined, for example, consistent access to income support, medical services, education and the right to work

Ceasing all government support for the arms export industry, especially sending arms to the middle east

Committing to the Uluru Statement from the Heart

President of APCVA, the Rev Peter Catt, said “At the heart of the Christian message is love of neighbour. Jesus extended this concept beyond the limited understanding of his day to include foreigners. St Francis extended it to include the other creatures with whom we share this planet. Love of neighbour is expressed through the exercising of compassion. Compassion finds its expression through the pursuit of justice. The pursuit of justice requires us to be actively involved in the political process.”

“In the last week we have seen young people from across Australia come out on the streets to support more action to address climate change. We applaud their action. They were criticised for being political and so will we. However, the students were right. Our house is burning. When a house is burning, not to act is to let the house burn,” he said.

A full copy of the APCVA Agenda for the 2019 Federal Election can be found here.



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