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A legacy worth pursuing: Jack Spong and the rest of us

Portrait of the Bishop takenfrom Pastor David Felten, having learned of Bishop John Shelby Spong’s recent stroke, writes a heartfelt letter to this leader of the Progressive Christian movement. Bishop Spong’s ideas worked to popularise an alternative to dogmatic, literalist Christianity. The bishop’s notoriety as an iconoclast and rouge

Inter-faith forum lends progressive voices in support of same-sex marriage

Supporters of same-sex marriage during a rally in Brisbane this year. Several faith leaders are sending out the message that advocacy for LGBTI rights and religion go hand in hand. Photograph: Sarah Motherwell/AAP Earlier last month, Australia’s first inter-faith forum on marriage equality in Canberra saw progressive representatives of various

Welcome to the A Progressive Christian Voice (Australia) website!

Welcome to the A Progressive Christian Voice (Australia) website! A Progressive Christian Voice (Australia) is a group of Christians who wish to contribute to public debate by promoting a generous and future-focused understanding of the Christian faith. A Progressive Christian Voice (Australia): Understands Christian opinion to be more diverse and