Good Friday Message in an Election Year

Good Friday Message from the Rev Peter Catt, President of A Progressive Christian Voice Australia.

On Good Friday we remember that Jesus was executed by the political powers with the encouragement of the religious authorities of the time.

In a democracy, we the people are the political powers.

On Good Friday we need to ask ourselves is Jesus being crucified again because of our actions or inactions.

Why is it that refugees and asylum seekers are still in detention for no crime other than seeking refuge when in danger?

Why is it that there are 100,000s of Australians condemned to years of grinding poverty because of our low payment levels of Newstart, Austudy or Youth Allowance?

Why is it that our Aboriginal brothers and sisters are still dying from suicide and violence at appalling rates?

Why is that tens of thousands of our brothers and sisters are dying overseas because of the cuts to our overseas aid budget?

Why is it that our very land is crying out in agony because we are failing to take seriously the threat of climate change which we ourselves have created?

Good Friday is a day of deep mourning for the Christian community. That mourning is more than sentimentality for an event long since past. It is participation in an event that is happening even now. In taking part in that event, Christians enter ever more deeply into the pain of the world regardless of the cost.


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